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I bought my first new car in Aug 2011 from Haverhill auto cars in bradford mass it took 4 days to get my plates found a trany leak a week later than the trany blew up took 3 1/2 weeks to get parts now my 30 days are up more minor problems and now problem with drive shaft and trany AGAIN i just wanted a reliable car for work i put $5000 down and they screwed me and personally i didnt like it i think they saw a young woman come in alone and found a way to dump this piece of *** on me what can i do i need help and legal advise PLEASE

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Haverhill Motor Cars in Bradford MA is very shady.I have not read one good review about them and upon almost doing business with them i could tell why.

I almost bought a vehicle but it had a bunch of scratches on it and smelt horrible of oil while taking it for a test drive and on top of that there was a weird knock coming from the under panel (most likely exhaust or head shield). They told me that if i wanted to get the huge scratches out that i would have to pay for it. HAHA yeah right like i'm going to pay to get scratches out of a 2012 vehicle that was going for more than $14000...




You were lucky to have purchased your first new car in Massachusetts where the Lemon Laws protect the consumer. It sounds like this dealership did everything right in handling your situation. Cars are simply machines that have parts that do break. You never know when something is going to need to be replaced and your transmission sounds like it went at the best possible time.

Had it gone before you came in to buy it, the dealership probably would have deemed the vehicle too expensive to repair and sent it off to auction. There, it would have been purchased by a dealer outside of Massachusetts where some unsuspecting buyer would have purchased it without the benefits of the Lemon Law. If it had gone four months after you bought it, you might be on the hook for the repair.

It can be scary to purchase a car, most people dread the experience, especially if you are a woman. The fears of being taken advantage of can ruin what should be a fun and exciting purchase. Hope you like your new car now that it is fixed.


The 4 days was because of Geico. We gave you a free rental car and fixed the transmission for 0 dollars. Look at bbb.org

better business bureau A+ rating.

We toke care of all issues.


I would contact your state attorneys office, the local news to see if they'll run a story on this and consult with a lawyer.

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